Launch of ORU Score: Get Paid to Participate

by | Sep 13, 2018

Over the weekend, ORU Score officially launched within the ORU Marketplace on 9/02/2018. This has been a feature of ORU that has been in the works for some time and we are so excited to announce it. What does this mean? It means that you will now get rewarded to participate with rewards going out every Saturday, just for using your ORU membership.


But how is this possible?


There is a lot that goes into how each member is able to receive a participation reward every Saturday, but there are some important things about ORU Score that you need to know.


How to increase your Score

ORU Score is essentially a way of ranking your participation within the ORU platform. Just about every single thing that you do when you log in to your ORU account will be associated with your ORU Score. This means that when you simply log in, post on your ORU Social profile, use Chat or Email features, or share ORU with others (amongst many other things) you will receive points toward your overall Score for the week!

ORU Score Dashboard


You can always log in and check your ranking at any time. It’s being updated frequently throughout the day if you’re curious to see how your score has improved or ranking has changed amongst the global ORU community. While this won’t tell you exactly how much you will get rewarded to participate, it will give you an idea of where other users are and what the total pot of points might be.


ORU Score Milestones


As you can see from the pictures above, the ORU Score dashboard includes suggestions that you can click on to see how you can improve your score. The Milestones section also includes things like how many points you’re adding to the total pot and how many points you need to get to the next level. These milestones and suggestions are also being updated regularly so be sure to keep checking back!


Another engaging aspect about ORU Score is the ability to grow levels. This will essentially grow your “seed” into a larger tree, that will have very exciting implications to be announced in the near future.


How you get rewarded for participating

The weekly “pot” that is available for payout is based on the number of members in the ORU community. A significant portion of the $5.95 that is paid monthly by all ORU members is put directly into this pot and makes up the total available payout for ORU Score each week. So as our community continues to grow, the pot will subsequently keep increasing and there is more money for ORU users to get rewarded for participating!


Now, as we were saying before, the amount that you are rewarded from that total pot is based on your score. Let’s do some simple math to examine the possibilities.


Let’s say that there are 100,000 Premium Members in the ORU community in a given week. Let’s now assume that the total score for the week is 1,000,000 ORU Score points, 10 points that are attributed by each Premium Member.


ORU Score Get Paid to Participate


Some members may just login to check their MyFunds balance and others may be very engaging, each accruing a different Score. Imagine that you are the member who is really participating this week, in all aspects of the platform, and you have earned a score of 20,000. This would account for 2% of the total score available and your participation bonus would be a whopping $75,000 * 2% = $1,500!


That reward is then directly deposited into your MyFunds account, which can be withdrawn at any time. If you choose to leave that money in your MyFunds account, you are also able to pay for things in the Marketplace and purchase ORU Quantum.


In Conclusion

The ideology of ORU is to give people all over the world, the tools they need to succeed in life. Not only do ORU members have access to amazing features that enable them to have some of the basic necessities of modern life, but they also can now get rewarded for doing it. Think of ORU Score like a rewards system for participating in, and being a part of, the ORU family. This is only the beginning for ORU Score and many features are coming that will be announced in the coming months. Let the games begin!

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