Why Travel Agencies Hate ORU Travel

by | Aug 21, 2018

The concept of an online travel agency can be a useful tool, if it works as it is said to. An online collaboration of all the travel essentials;  flights, car rentals, and hotel listings (with the purpose of getting you the best possible deals available) sounds amazing. But what are you really getting by using these popular websites?


It is true, that oftentimes the deals on the online travel agency sites might be better than what you would get directly from the airlines’ websites. However what you may initially fail to notice, is the extra fees that show up at checkout.  Or, the fact that these websites’ cookie tracking enforces flight prices to go up over the course of a few days when you return to their website, even while booking a flight that is over 4 months out!


We’ll give you 5 reasons that make ORU Travel the optimal choice for booking your travel needs.


No Cookie Tracking to Raise Prices

Let’s touch on that last point. Some say that this is a myth amongst the online travel agency industry; whereas some say that it’s a fact. We’re telling you regardless, ORU does not do this.


There has been much dispute on whether or not this is a real occurrence amongst travel agencies as a way to leverage a sense of urgency to influence your buying decision. An online travel agency will obviously do this to gain extra commission in the process.  Much of the evidence points to yes, and some of it points to no.


The point is, that users are often coerced into buying a flight instead of shopping around to check other sources before deciding on what to go with.


Now let’s get one thing straight, we can’t guarantee that the price won’t change at all. The basic economics of supply and demand will play out, and waiting until the last second can definitely impact the price of your flight or hotel. But it is important to know that if the flight changes, it isn’t because ORU changed anything directly.


No Extra Fees at Checkout

Don’t you just hate when you’re looking through flights, hotels (or anything at all for that matter), and upon getting to the final step of the checkout process, you uncover a $25 convenience fee?


So do we.


The price that you see when looking through the ORU Travel network, will be the final price that you pay. Again, it may not stay this price forever, but there are no hidden fees of any sort. You can feel confident that you there is no nickel’ing and dime’ing for shady fees that you never were told about in the first place.


Pay with ORU Quantum

When you book on ORU Travel, you have 2 payment options:

  1. Pay with MyFunds, which are funds that you have uploaded to your account.
  2. Pay with ORU Quantum, that you purchased in the ORU Market.



ORU Quantum is the community currency that is only available for purchase from within the ORU Market. You can essentially pay for anything in the platform with ORU Quantum, and it is directly exchangeable for the USD. An amazing feature of the ORU Quantum, is that you may realize that the value of this currency has increased since you bought it.  This means that when you exchange it to USD, you do so at a higher rate than you bought it for; thereby giving you an even bigger discount on your travel bookings!


You can always pay regularly with the funds in your account, but ORU Quantum is just another way to save money with ORU Travel.


Activate Your ORU Travel Key

At first glance, ORU Travel just seems like any other collection of travel service listings from a multitude of different providers. While this basic service is provided, the real value in acquiring deals on ORU Travel is by activating your ORU Travel Key.



As long as you have purchased at least one ORU Quantum, you are able to activate your ORU Travel Key; valid for the next 24 hours for booking. Don’t worry, you can activate it again at the end of the 24 hours if you still haven’t decided on what to book yet. Just think of this as an added security measure within the platform.


Pricing on ORU Travel will be competitive with the online travel agency of your choosing. In most cases, ORU Travel will provide even deeper discounts.


Where ORU Travel really shines though is on hotel discounts, with resort deals being second to none. If that’s not enough, here’s the best reason of all to book through ORU Travel.


Get Paid to Use Our Online Travel Agency

This is by far what makes ORU Travel so amazing when compared to online travel agencies. You will actually get rewarded for booking through ORU Travel!


How this works, is through ORU Score.


Essentially, by participating within the platform in some way or another, you are earning a Score. The more you participate, the higher your Score will be. At the end of every week, ORU will rate your Score compared to other members and you will be rewarded a participation bonus based on where you rank.


Now, there are many factors that go into how your Score is calculated. Each type of participation is weighted and has its own value; but booking through ORU Travel is a big one.


This isn’t the only way to earn a higher Score while you’re on vacation though. When you chat with your friends and family back home through ORU Chat or post a picture on ORU Social involving a day on the sandy beaches of the Florida coast, you are gaining a higher Score that will ultimately translate into you getting rewarded more!

We’re not saying that online travel agencies are necessarily out to get you, but it’s time that they started doing more to benefit you.

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