Video, Audio, File Sharing & More – ORU Chat Enhancements

by | Oct 4, 2018

The long existing ORU Chat feature has been around for some time and if you are, and have been, an ORU member then you have likely been enjoying its features. If you are new to ORU, then you are especially in for a treat. Where large communications companies (especially enterprise business solutions) charge exorbitant amounts of money for a quality, multi-channel communications tool, ORU Chat is included just like any other feature. Since the introduction of ORU Chat, the feature has been mainly a means of communication through instant messaging only. We are now proud to announce that audio chat, video chat, screen sharing, group conferencing, whiteboarding, chat groups, and file sharing have all been added! Let’s dive in to see how each of them works.


File Sharing

Sharing files with your contacts is as simple as dragging and dropping them into your chat window or browsing your computer to upload them. You can also access these files later, as they are saved in your individual chat windows until you clear your history. End-to-end encryption is nothing new to ORU Chat, but with this new file sharing update, you can be certain that any files you send from one ORU account to another will remain within the network until downloaded by either user.

Audio Chat

What really makes all of these extra features so amazing is how easy they are to access from the ORU Chat platform. To start an audio call with one of your contacts, simply click on the person’s name to open a chat panel, and then click the phone icon to begin an audio call. The phone will start ringing and once your contact picks up the phone, you will both be connected. These calls can be made anywhere in the world with a WiFi or mobile internet connection.


Video Chat

Can you imagine crisp, clear video with excellent quality audio at the same time? Now, how about multiple streams all conferenced into one line? Welcome to the new ORU video chat feature. If you’ve been paying exorbitant fees for a monthly subscription to a video conferencing software that has video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities then you are not alone. Finding a software solution that can accomplish these features and in an efficient, cost-effective way is almost impossible.

ORU Video Chat

What makes this solution ideal for businesses especially is the fact ORU can be offered as a benefits solution to each of the employees for things like HealthRx, and ORU Pay, in which ORU Chat is also included.

In addition to these incredibly powerful new features, you can also do cool things like send stickers and handwrite your messages. The only way to find out all of the features ORU Chat has to offer is to experience them for yourself!

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