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by | Aug 10, 2018

The act of check cashing can be a vicious cycle for those that do not have alternative methods of receiving their hard earned money.  You get your paycheck (or cash advance it), and pay the exorbitant fees. You use the cash to pay for your bills, groceries, and other common expenses.  But at this point, you (most likely) do not have much left by the time you get your next check. Sound familiar?


There is a large percentage of Americans who simply do not have a bank account.  This may be because of minimum balance requirements, past balances that have not been paid, terrible credit, or for a number of other reasons.  These unbankable Americans need to frequent a check cashing business in order to receive their funds.


Companies like Amscot and ACE (to name a few) take advantage of people in this situation.  For these companies, they have one hell of a business. But for those that don’t have any other options, they get used to paying excessive fees and enter into a cycle that is incredibly hard to break out of once you started.  


This is NOT alright.  But what else can you do?


Get the ORU Prepaid Visa Card

Without going straight into all of the amazing features that set the ORU Visa Card apart from other prepaid debit cards, let’s just break down some simple math here:


Let’s say you walk into Amscot to cash a $400 weekly paycheck. According to Amscot’s website, that’s going to cost you $9.80 for this one-time transaction. Now let’s say you do this 4 times a month for a total of $39.20 that you’ve now paid to Amscot.



Instead of wasting money cashing checks every month, you can set up direct deposit to your ORU Visa Card. This initial activation of your ORU Premium Membership (including the first month’s charge) will cost you $30.94. By just switching to the ORU Visa Card, you’ve saved $9.20 immediately in the first month. Every month thereafter, the ORU Premium Membership costs you only $5.95 a month.

This means that you’re now saving $33.25 on check cashing fees every month. If you were to cash a $400 check every week at Amscot for an entire year, you would save a total of $438.20 a year.


Just imagine the kids at Christmas.


Now that you realize how much money you could be saving, let’s dive into what really makes the ORU Visa Card special.


The ORU Premium Membership

The ORU Visa Card is just one of the many benefits received when signing up for a Premium Membership of the ORU Marketplace. Some of the other benefits include, but are not limited to:


  1. ORU Health Rx: Prescription Savings Card
  2. ORU Pay: Send and receive money for no fee
  3. ORU Score: Earn cash rewards just for using the network


And so much more.

Prescription Savings – Retail Pharmacy Card

Health insurance is another expensive cost with confusing rules and regulations.  Oftentimes the actual insurance coverage is not even worth the cost and it seems like you’d have to be hospitalized for a heart attack that you had while in a car accident (that stemmed from being struck by lightning) for the coverage to even be worth it.


Prescription drugs however, are an ongoing necessity for the majority of Americans. They can also be incredibly expensive without insurance.

Now, what if you could get savings of 30% on average (up to 75%) on thousands of prescription drugs without having to pay for health insurance?


ORU will do you one better.


Included with your $5.95 a month Premium Membership (which you’re already getting the ORU Visa Card for), you get the Prescription Savings card through ORU Health Rx.  With your card, you can search for your prescription in the Medication Pricing network, and you’ll get a list of pharmacies near you that carry your prescription, along with your discounted price.


It’s as simple as bringing in your Prescription Savings card and showing it to the cashier at checkout.


Send and Receive Money

Within the ORU Marketplace, you can send and receive money with other Premium Members at no extra cost to either of you. For you Amscot frequenters that have previously sent a money order, you know how much of a hassle it can be. There is a long list of horror stories relating to customers’ money orders being lost, or having to cancel them. Most of the time, these companies end up not refunding lost money orders, leaving you frustrated and wondering if there was an easier way.

Other services like Moneygram are also common for working-class immigrant Americans to use to send money back to their families overseas. The one-time transaction fees on these services range from about $10 up to $30 or more.


ORU Pay is just one more service that is available with the Premium Membership, that completely eliminates another service costing you hard-earned money every month.


Earn Cash Rewards

Now this isn’t the traditional “cash back” methodology of earning rewards. To get rewarded with ORU, all you need to do is participate in some aspect of the ORU Premium Membership.


That’s it.  Yes, really.

As if you were not already getting enough from the savings and benefits mentioned with the ORU Premium Membership, you will also literally get paid just to use it.


This works via ORU Score. Based on your participation on the platform every week (through use of the Visa card, the email or chat service, or almost anything else), you will be given a score. Depending on what your score is, you will be given what is called a ‘participation bonus’ at the end of every week.


Oh and by the way, if you share ORU with a friend, there’s a pretty amazing referral program as well.



When you sign up for an ORU Premium Membership, the Visa card isn’t the only thing that you’re getting. Stop using unreliable and shady check cashing companies that charge you to cash checks or send money to others.  Stop paying unnecessary fees and save your hard earned money for the things that matter.


We love hearing feedback and answering questions about ORU so if you have any, post in the comments below!

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